One who is dating a girl, or his girlfriend, and loves her. He should do anything he can in order to make her happy, and should always be there for her. He should not be affraid to be around her in public. He should also be able to tell her anything above anyone else. He shouldn't be all turned on whenever he and said girlfriend are kissing, but he should also not care if he sees said girlfriend in anything (underwear, bathing suit etc.). He should trust her.
by Thebackestninja November 14, 2014
What every girl in the world apparently has.
Me: jills kinda cute.
Guy: yeah but she has a boyfriend.

Me: dammit!
by 00000069 January 09, 2014
The worst mistake you will ever make. They are an absolute waste of time because face it, he doesn't care.
What best friends should say: You don't need a boyfriend! They're not worth it.
by Alexandara May 30, 2013
Something most girls claim to want, and complain about when they have one.
Every girl wants a boyfriend, until they have one.
by bitterbitch1 December 30, 2010
A sweet man who ocassionaly give you things and loves you
The sweetest boyfriend I wish I could have is Eric.
by Lovergirl April 01, 2006
Something women own and are total bitches about
Guy- I like your top it is very nice.
Bitchy white girl- I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!
by SentimentalBoy June 26, 2016
One you are emotionally attached to. Someone you can only think about. Someone who makes you feel beautiful. Someone who comforts you when you're sad or going through a lot someone who you can be yourself with. Someone who gives you butterflys everytime you see him. Someone who cares for you. The level below your fiance
by amanda1998 July 02, 2015
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