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Something most girls claim to want, and complain about when they have one.
Every girl wants a boyfriend, until they have one.
by bitterbitch1 December 30, 2010
What every girl in the world apparently has.
Me: jills kinda cute.
Guy: yeah but she has a boyfriend.

Me: dammit!
by 000000000069 January 09, 2014
Someone who is at first a friend but you begin to love and when you begin to love him you can't stop. His eyes are like magnets and he seriously is unlike anyone you will ever meet. You think about him even when you're with someone else. He's the guy that you came second and you didn't realize how much you loved him until it was too late because now that he doesn't love you anymore, you want him more than ever. You even cry over him even if you donât cry over guys. He is the funniest, craziest, most trustworthy, and amazing person you will ever meet. So if you EVER meet a guy like this DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIS LOVE or you will be the one crying in the end. Beware If His Name Is Jose. They're The Ones You Fall The Hardest For.
I Miss My Boyfriend
by Old Love October 23, 2011
A sweet man who ocassionaly give you things and loves you
The sweetest boyfriend I wish I could have is Eric.
by Lovergirl April 01, 2006
- a waste of time , a person that will eventually break your heart and leave you on the curb . they tell you they love you and then go tell somebody else not their mother either )
I love you baby . boyfriend goes somewhere ---> i love you baby - to another girl
by airealcakes June 30, 2010
Very decieving; may say one thing and do another, may tell white lies constantly; tend to have mood disorders; can be good or bad in bed; can sometimes be charming
my boyfriend said he'd be here in an hour, and showed up the next day after going to the bar instead
by clf1984 October 13, 2008
A very cute accessory that puts its arm around your waist and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I saw my friend hitting on my boyfriend so I screamed at her and slapped her and he's still mine!
by JTangel December 11, 2006