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The guy who makes you feel really loved and he's always there to comfort you. Not needed to improve a female, but makes a great accessory. Often people call guys who are friends "boyfriends". Please spare us the confusion!
Not-single girl: "Last night my boyfriend took me to this romantic restaurant..."
Loner: "I wish I had a boyfriend!"

Girl: "John's a good boyfriend to me!"
Friend: "Are you guys going out?"
Girl: "He is a friend who is a guy!"
by Shopaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 10, 2006
A guy who you must love alot. He's trustworthy and is always there for you... sort of like best friends.
by anonymus August 23, 2003
A male in a woman's life who cares for her, repects her, cherishes her and makes her feel really good. Most of all he loves her and cares about nothing else. He is honest and loyal. Once their love becomes very strong force of attraction wll bring them together and if he's the right one, she'll have sex with him!
My boyfriend is really supportive. He sticks by my side.. I love him sooo much! I dunno what I wud do without him. He understands me, he completes me.
by Anika ForeverYours November 21, 2009
a boy that if you can call a boyfriend, he is comepletely yours. if you like him then that means others will like him, but hey better keep their dirty little hands off of him cuz hes yours.
girl: oh look at that dude hes hot im gonna flirt with him. even tho hes somebodys boyfriend i don care.

other girl: keep ur hands off of him bitch hes mine!!!
by simply chocolate May 16, 2009
loving guys in your life who will do anything for you and love you unconditionally. they are there for you to hug and tell secrets to. most of the time they listen. boyfriends are great!
i love my boyfriend....he rocks!
by muffin February 23, 2005
the man who is there for you when you are sick or upset, the man you KNOW you want to spend the rest of your life with. someone who loves you enough that even when you make a huge mistake takes you back because he knows you love each other deep down. A friend and someone who you introduce to anyone important to you
The man of your dreams...the boyfriend you always wanted
by Heather + Ceejay <3 August 18, 2008
1.Your best friend,your protector,and the one you can always depend on. Can be short term or long term.

2.Something that single women are always trying to steal seehomewrecker
Nina used to be sad and depressed,but her new boyfriend has really brighned up her life.
by The only sane one January 17, 2008