The one who can make you happy when you're sad. the one who will buy you ice cream. the one who you love unconditionally. the one who gives you hugs that you never want to part from. the one who will pimp slap any boy that tries to hit on you. the one that holds your heart and can easily break it, but chooses not to. the one that makes you laugh when all you want to do is cry. the one that will say I love you instead of wimping out and saying the abreviations for it. the one that makes sparks fly when you kiss. the one that you can always count on and makes you feel amazing all the time. the one who is your lover, but also your bestfriend♥(:
I think everything I said up there basically sums up 'boyfriend'. :]
by Pandaa. (u)_(u) June 10, 2010
A male that is close to your heart. He is the one you can't stand to go a day without seeing. He provides everything you need, including sex, love, protection, comfort and an escape from the world. No matter what, you can go to him with your problems and he will make your bad days happy and full of love.
Your boyfriend is the one you run to when your world is tumbling down.
by lilwomen69 October 18, 2009
a boy that a girl is dating.
a good boyfriend should be nice to his girlfriend and not try to make her do anything she's not sure of. he should try to make her happy, but not let her push him around.he should never try to hurt her, because he knows he's stronger than her. a good guy like this will get a whole bunch of ladies swarming him but he'd be fixated on his lovely girl.
Allie loves her boyfriend.
by girl<369 April 26, 2007
A boy who is caring, kind, sweet, and loving to a girl. Does everthing he can to make her happy, and loves her with all his heart. Treats her with respect and forgiveness. Doesnt let the little things get in his way of caring for this girl. Shes her and tells her he loves her each day, and is loyal to her. Does not think of other girls the same way he thinks of her. And looks at her like shes on top of the world every second of the day. He may not be perfect or hot in every single way but he knows how to show effection and passion and love towards his girl. Thats the only thing that really matters. Looks are just a bonus. Dont get me wrong its a great thing if a guys hot but if they treat you like shit then thats not a keeper.
Bali: Hi (: Your cute I think we should hang out sometime <3

Carter (other girls boyfriend) : I have a girlfriend.

Bali: Soooo? She doesnt have to know (:

Carter: Good bye.
by Never going to be fixed. December 05, 2009
someone who is perfect & way beyond your dreams.
someone who pays everything for you & doesnt mind.
and treats you like a princess
someone who takes you everywhere & gives you surprises once in a while.
someone that thinks your the most beautiful inside and out
someone who makes you the only person in their world
nothing else matters..your the best thing thats happend to them & they care for you more than anyything else.
someone that makes you the happiest person everr & can make you laugh
someone who is not just your boyfriend, but best friend
someone that never leaves you no matter how much you screw up..
& someone you love unconditionally through every single thing you go through with him.

there's only one of those, he's all mine :]
my boyfriend..i hope im the one he'll always be with..
by love, cuppy October 16, 2008
A fine specimen of the boy variety. Good looking. Rare species. Charming, funny and full of wit, ergo often addictive.

Natural diet of coffee and doughnuts. Often tired, Boyfriend is easily amused. Doesn't feel the cold and will give you his jumper. Gives great hugs.

Often can be found at Uni pretending to do work, being a nerd, watching movies, or running around a basketball court.

*CAUTION* Spikey hair may poke eyes out.
Boyfriend: The cute guy who has been sleeping on my shoulder for seven months. :)
by Carrot-girl June 11, 2009
it's all about that butterflies in your tummy kinda thing.
he makes you smile with your teeth all the time.. :)

there are six billion people in the world more or less& it makes me feel quite small. but my boyfriend is the one i like most of all.
by leannieeeeeee. May 01, 2007
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