Someone that you love to hang out with and someone who you think you need. A guy who you come to depend on but someone that you always have at least one secret from, a wary feeling is always there. Is he for real? Is he gonna hurt me? Am I with the right guy?
N* I think you lied to me. Did you? I love you anyway. A* would never lie to me, maybe I'm meant to be with him.
by Maddy March 28, 2005
1. A fleeting paradox in which deference is made to a single man for the reason of supposed affection and loyalty; neither of which generally hold up in the said relationship, which ironically excludes anyone in the friend zone.

2. Human ATM machine.

3. Euphemism for "Guy I wanna fuck continually".

4. Male bitch.
"I don't understand the concept of 'boyfriend'. They're always men, and never "just a friend". I mean... He is a 'boy-friend' after all, so I'm still quite confused by all this. Can someone explain?"

"They're our source for dick and cash, when we don't want to look like whores."

"We all want to bone attractive people of the opposite sex. How does doing it more than the average person make you a whore?"

"Boyfriends are necessary in society, kiddo. Being human isn't very popular with people who fail at life."
by Barry the MOTHERFUCKING PIRATE August 01, 2008
The special guy in someone's life that truly understands you and whom you understand. The person that, while you don't ABOSUTELY need him to live, makes it devastatingly hard for you to enjoy life as much as a human should once you've met him and then are without him. He is you best friend whom you tell everything to, as well as your lover. He is loyal and unwavering in his love for you. And if problems should arise (inside or outside of the relationship) as they naturally do,he is there with you through everystep to work it out. He thinks, not only of your body but of you, and not just how far he can get but of your future together.
My boyfriend and I have been going out for just over nine months. We are both juniors in high school. We plan on getting married after college. We both decided to have sex after marriage, though HE was the one to come right out and say it. We tell each other everything which i think is the most important part of our relationship because what is usually bugging me, is bugging him too, or if he or I have an embarassing secret, we can relate and make each other feel better about it. We help each other through everything. He is the most amazing guy i ever met. He is eberything and more that I could have ever imaginged in a boyfriend. I love him.
by Twinkletoes April 11, 2006
the one you go to and depend on when times get rough. The one you truly love, and care for. He's the one you cant live without. He makes you feel beautiful, hott and sexy. he's the one you dress up for when you're only spending time at your house.
I love my boyfriend with all my heart, he's the one for me!
by AmrcnSwtHrt December 06, 2005
1. a guy who holds your hand at the movies especially when youre scared
2. a guy who hugs,kisses,and tells or shows you you are beautiful to him
3. a guy who cheers you up when its the time of month or other reasons
4. a guy who you wonder why you even like him
5. a guy who listens to what you say and actually cares ...not just pretends... and especially shows concern
6. a guy who is not a husband but a boyfriend
my boyfriend is my friend
by Uglyduck February 03, 2009
1: A boy one is emotionally attached to.

2: An accessory.

3: A friend who is male.
1: My boy friend and I went to the theatre last night.

2: Yeah, me and my boy friend went off and everyone was like "He is SO hot!"

3: Yeah, me and my boy friend are going out tonight. He's bringing a date and I'm bringing a digital camera.
by Caty-Marie June 24, 2005
a boy (in RARE cases, a man) who one confides in and trusts. in many instances, the boy is:
1. a manwhore who flirts with anything that moves
2. a complete jerk
3. a big dick

4. a beater
5. pedo

but! there are rare instances that the "boyfriend" is a wonderful, kind-hearted, loveing person. these rare breed of boyfriend are the ones who will help you through lifes crap, and be there when no one else is. they are mature, most of the time, and make you happy when no one can. most of them will not try and constantly keep asking to get in your pants. though they sometimes annoy you to no end, they will be loyal to you.

these rare type of boyfriend are trully your best friend, and will help you through a lot of lifes trials. most of the time, this type of boyfriend will want to make the relationship, or as some say, they will "propose".
in those cases, the boyfriend will what we refer to as a Husband.
Ingrid: i dont know why my boyfriend keeps flirting with every girl in sight. he tried to pick up a girl right infront of me!

Roni: im sorry. man, i cant believe i got lucky enough to have a caring and lyal boyfriend.

Ingrid: Cherish him forever.
by Truthteller is my name July 01, 2009

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