The guy you leave at home when you want to have fun!
(girl going out to have fun) "Bye hun,I'll be home later."

(guy on the computer) "sure, see ya."
by Kitty April 08, 2004
not a neccessitity, he's just there to be there, does'nt do anything for da girl but cuz her pain. otherwise nice to have when you need someone to cuddle with, but yet again plays too many head games.
There go ur broke ass boyfriend talkin to sum chick go check dat nigga
by SexyTriniGal December 15, 2003
a boy that can trust u and u can trust him
some 1 u love
my boyfriend is soo sweat.i can trust him with everything
by justine obrien January 04, 2004
Synonyms of perverts
The guy who plays with your gentils while your are sleeping or passed out.
Is that pervert your boyfriend?
by Mokonamon May 08, 2005
U can use "this" insted of walking with dog
woman: c'mon boy! let's go !!
boyfriend: hou hou
by LoThLoRiEn February 02, 2004
a male human, at the mercy of his unforgiving hormones, unfortunate enough to commit to a needy, whining, selfish female human. The female human will pretend most anything to ensnare a male human so that she may further her own security and selfish desires. When the female human has sucked what she wanted from the male human, and, when it appears to her that the male human has been sucked dry and has little more to feed her selfish desires with, she will stop pretending, and her love will in an instant turn to ambivalence.
She would always let her boyfriend pay for the expensive dinners and activities. Meanwhile, she would buy condos and stocks so that when the boyfriend ran out of money, she would be all set when after leaving him.
by famousde November 16, 2005
When a male refers to another male as a "boyfriend," he is saying that he looks out for his only female too much.
This boyfriend pays too much attention to that woman.
by Ferris July 02, 2004
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