pronounced (boy - ` frand)

One of a species seeking to impregnate a female counterpart.
Girl, u know they ain't no diffrence 'tween a boyfriend and a baby-daddy.
by altered January 01, 2006
Someone you fall in love with, and makes your world special, for a limited amount of time. Eventually, you will realize that this male that you have loved and called your boyfriend is just an immature guy and has left you broken-hearted.
George was my boyfriend, but now that i've realized how immature and jerky he is, he is no longer my boyfriend.
by Herstoryfreak October 13, 2005
Hmmmmm... how to define boyfriend?
1) a guy used to keep the gross guys away
2)a guy you date because he is a total ass and you use dating him to fuck him over to get him back
3)a guy one chooses to be with because he is funny, sweet, and cares for them
4)a postion a guy holds that states that one person should be kissing them and only them, also other things that do not need to be explained
5) some guy who you date to specificly by you gifts and pay for your stuff
yeah i met this guy who is like totaly hot and he asked me out and bought me a ring so i said yes.
by justne wade April 11, 2005
1) The term you must associate with the male you are having sexual relations with in order to avoid being declared a "slut"
2) The nickname for your vibrator in the bedside drawer.
1) "Sorry, I can't hang out tonight, my boyfriend is coming over."
2) "Wow, this porn is really exciting, I think my boyfriend needs to make an appearance."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
A fake title used for fucking rights.
I met this guy who wanted to be my boyfriend just so he could fuck me. We barely talk.
by the kid under the cupboard January 10, 2009
A male who needs sex constantly and has nothing better to do than fuck with one womans head, and screw the rest of them. In other words, a male who doesnt want to communicate but does want unlimited sex without feeling like a man-whore
So I guess he's my boyfriend, he said she didn't mean anything to her.
by SALI48 June 29, 2005
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