The male inconvenience often mentioned by women that never seems to be there when you speak to the woman. He is irrelevant and just like the ugly friend with the woman, shouldn't stop you from pursuing your goal.

fiance,husband,hubby,babydaddy,gay friend
Dude, hurdles don't stop runners from reaching the finish line, why should her boyfriend stop me?

woman: I have a boyfriend.

man: Well i have a goldfish named lieutenant shiny sides but when did we start talking about shit that doesn't matter?

fiance,husband,hubby,babydaddy,gay friend
by anstd February 02, 2010
A male that a woman will allow to get on her last damned nerve with hopes of becoming his wife so that she can truly fulfill the vow "Til Death Do Us Part".
My boyfriend is working my last nerve. If we were married I would choke him until he was blue.
by BabyS June 15, 2007
useless, except for that one thing that hangs in between his legs which can be mass produced in every shape color and size and found at nearest sex shop or ordered by internet. yes. useless is right ;reason why women are so bitchy
Meet my new boyfriend mr. dildo.
by MERCEDESs June 11, 2007
A very cute accessory that puts its arm around your waist and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I saw my friend hitting on my boyfriend so I screamed at her and slapped her and he's still mine!
by JTangel December 11, 2006
are people that say they love you and then break your heart into a million pieces.
boy- ily
girl-ily soo much your an amazing boyfriend
5 minutes later
boy - im sorry it isnt working
girl- tears start rolling down her face
by Kayla Catherine May 02, 2006
A giant cock-block; his whole goal in life is to dangle a well desired girl in front of many guys faces.
Susies's boyfriend is a giant asshole
by Sam January 23, 2005
Someone that your best friend hates. but you choose your boyfriend over her. and then when you break-up you go crawling back about so and so broke you heart.
can we just talk, my boyfriend just broke up with me. can we just be friends again?
by courtney November 24, 2004
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