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Codeword by all females which translates directly in the male's mind as "Douchebag who steals a great girl or all the good women."
man 1: I love her

man 2: dude she has a boyfriend
by shigaboomboomwalley December 09, 2011
The male inconvenience often mentioned by women that never seems to be there when you speak to the woman. He is irrelevant and just like the ugly friend with the woman, shouldn't stop you from pursuing your goal.

fiance,husband,hubby,babydaddy,gay friend
Dude, hurdles don't stop runners from reaching the finish line, why should her boyfriend stop me?

woman: I have a boyfriend.

man: Well i have a goldfish named lieutenant shiny sides but when did we start talking about shit that doesn't matter?

fiance,husband,hubby,babydaddy,gay friend
by anstd February 02, 2010
1 A species of people who would do anything to make you cry. will find a way to make you feel like you wanna die.

2 A species that cant use the word love correctly.

3 A species that doesnt care for anything except for themself's.
the girl was left heartbroken on to the floor crying because of her "boyfriend"
by Isaaa <3 October 17, 2009
A man? who thinks only because your currently together and in a relationship, you must be their private property. Someone who takes over your life and JUSTIFIES TORTURE IN THE NAME OF LOVE. Some you cook for, do laundry for, Screw, kiss ass for, get into bitchy fights with your best friends and parents for, give up the world for, give your soul up for, get battered and blue eyed for (sometimes), eventually to be called a paid SLUT.A guy who bunks work to check up on you at random times (for months). A guy who gives you the account statement for all the money he ever spent on you once you guys are on the verge of breaking up, especially when he was the one who vehemently insisted "you deserve every penny I could ever spend on you DARLING and I will never in my life regret this".

Someone who spends loads of cash on you.....only because you're currently living up to his definition of a slave, and the day you stop doing the bidding of....will call you a high-maintenance-whore he screwed for your bedroom skills ONLY.

When Sarah tells Ankur She's having drinks with friends on a sunday----

Ankur--"So, on a Sunday when I want to spend time with you( when Ankur works from home), you want to go see your friends? (people you haven't met in months) and on the one weekend that we have, you want me to cook( can't cook to save his life) for myself while you're out having fun and getting sloshed with your bitches(because he's figured out all your friends hate him and he personally can't handle more than 2 drinks AND he's socially retarded).
by Girl,Interrupted September 30, 2009
1)a teenage male in which a teenage female, or sometimes another teenage male, makes a tempoary contract for sex and money. Often distances the female (or sometimes male) in the process as their partner sees less of their friends and forgets about them.
2)an adult male who cares for you, thinks you are beautiful and may one day marry you.
3)a friend who is a guy.
1)"I'm fed up with all my mates abandoning me for their boyfriends!! I may just become a lesbian."
2)"My boyfriend proposed to me last night"
3)"I am seeing my boyfriends tomorrow night.... we are gonna get wasted!!"
by xox-marrythemole-xox November 17, 2008
1. Man who's dick you suck so he won't dump you.

2. Man who you do laundry, cook, and clean for so he won't dump you.

3. Man who you sit next to on the couch while he's watching Playboy shows on tv and pretend you're having fun so he won't dump you.

4. Man who you're not exactly sure why you care if he dumped you but you do.
I dont understand why we all want to have a boyfriend. but we do.
by collegekid153 October 03, 2008
useless, except for that one thing that hangs in between his legs which can be mass produced in every shape color and size and found at nearest sex shop or ordered by internet. yes. useless is right ;reason why women are so bitchy
Meet my new boyfriend mr. dildo.
by MERCEDESs June 11, 2007