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A male that a woman will allow to get on her last damned nerve with hopes of becoming his wife so that she can truly fulfill the vow "Til Death Do Us Part".
My boyfriend is working my last nerve. If we were married I would choke him until he was blue.
by BabyS June 15, 2007
11 12
Someone you fall in love with, and makes your world special, for a limited amount of time. Eventually, you will realize that this male that you have loved and called your boyfriend is just an immature guy and has left you broken-hearted.
George was my boyfriend, but now that i've realized how immature and jerky he is, he is no longer my boyfriend.
by Herstoryfreak October 13, 2005
26 27
1) The term you must associate with the male you are having sexual relations with in order to avoid being declared a "slut"
2) The nickname for your vibrator in the bedside drawer.
1) "Sorry, I can't hang out tonight, my boyfriend is coming over."
2) "Wow, this porn is really exciting, I think my boyfriend needs to make an appearance."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
66 67
someone to annoy, fuck, and get presents from
umm... boyfriends are good to have when you're bored
by Tiffany November 29, 2003
41 42
Guy u either love or get on with really well. Cud be soulmate but also cud be jerk.
That guy would be such boyfriend material except for fact he's total jerk.
by Tister July 24, 2003
28 29
cute guy geek that you can spend tons of time with at the apple store, and he won't complain.
my boyfriend likes apple.
by teh_applegoddess July 07, 2003
44 45
Geminent (gem-uh-nuhnt)

1. eminent gentleman
2. sophisticated name for a boyfriend
3. more than a boyfriend; not yet a fiancé
1. "This is my geminent, John."

2. "He's not 'just' my boyfriend - we have a very solid and
complete life together - he's my geminent."
by LisaT. April 20, 2012
1 3