cute guy geek that you can spend tons of time with at the apple store, and he won't complain.
my boyfriend likes apple.
by teh_applegoddess July 07, 2003
The worst mistake you will ever make. They are an absolute waste of time because face it, he doesn't care.
What best friends should say: You don't need a boyfriend! They're not worth it.
by Alexandara May 30, 2013
boyfriend is the only man in life whom a girl will trust out of nothing, and give all she has, as its her boyfriend who is responsible for her life her well being and to make a complete she.
one cannot clap with one hand you need two
comparing boyfriend is that one hand and the girl friend the other
by nilotpal addy September 30, 2006
An over rated life accessory to make others jealous. They may make you feel good at the time but leave you broken hearted.
Boyfriend(s) suck!
by ToughPup June 24, 2016
1. Someone who pays for my shit

2. A dick to ride on

3. A shoulder to cry on
My boyfriend just bought all my drinks at the bar 🙋🏿
by dtucker March 10, 2016
A best friend who you get to fuck.
I was hanging out with my boyfriend and we gossiped and then had sex
by Fyilonbfginb December 18, 2015
Very decieving; may say one thing and do another, may tell white lies constantly; tend to have mood disorders; can be good or bad in bed; can sometimes be charming
my boyfriend said he'd be here in an hour, and showed up the next day after going to the bar instead
by clf1984 October 13, 2008
A boy who will break your heart no matter what you do :(
Don't believe a word that he's saying he's lying

Don't let him hurt you you better than that

by AGirlWithABrokenHeart January 06, 2014
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