cute guy geek that you can spend tons of time with at the apple store, and he won't complain.
my boyfriend likes apple.
by teh_applegoddess July 07, 2003
1. Someone makes you smile all the time.
2. You like to hold his hand and walk on the street looking for nothing
3. You always enjoy having food with him--even the food is not that enjoyable
4. You automatically call him up everynight just want to hear his voice, knowing that he is happy and having a good night
5. You are very proud of him when you introduce him to everyone
6. He is loyal, honest to you, and he makes you feel like a princess
7. He remembers all the important days eg. anniversiry of first day together, your birthday, etc. And he buys nice cute presents for you
8. He remembers whatever you say
9. He will respect you and not having sex with you before marriage--although he is really desperate.
10. He cries when you feel bad
11. He is happy when you feel happy
12. He always and endlessly supports you in all aspects: emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.
13. He wants to be with you forever, and even next life
14. He feels warm and proud when he sees you are chatting with his old nana
15. He asks for day off from work as soon as he knows you are depressed
16. He is always planning for the future, with you
17. He whispers good night with your name before he sleeps every night
18. He dreams of you
19. He wakes up and he thinks of you
20. Every night he text you good night with smile, and every morning he text you good morning and have a good day at work/school
I love my boyfriend! He is the best!
by Muffinsnail September 12, 2006
a guy who you care a lot about (and who cares about you an equal amount) in which you are in a relationship with. Good ones are very hard to find...
girl - "i care about you a lot."
boy - "i care about you a lot, too. I'm glad we're together."
by me December 22, 2003
a male who is always jealous, protective and is very loyal to you.

you celebrate monthly anniversaries together. he treats you like a lady.

he's your comforter and guidance
you can almost tell him all of
your secrets.

boyfriend is a man in a responsible
My boyfriend and I loves each other so much, we plan to get married in the future.
by JdValerie September 21, 2004
1. The guy who astonishes "the girlfriend" in every conversation.

2. The guy who you can't get enough of.

3. The guy who shares mutual respect, care, friendship, and fellowship with his girlfriend.

4. Your favorite guy... ever!
I can't believe he's my boyfriend...
by kc January 06, 2005
The sweetest boy you have ever known. This creature can often be seen holding hands with his female counterpart in its natural habitat; his hugs are considered cure-alls in the way of modern medicine; his ultimate concern is that he can make his female counterpart happy. See whipped.
Alex: Don't be sad. *hug*! I hate it when you're sad. If it means that much to you I won't drink at all.

Christine: Awwww. I love you! You're such a good boyfriend.
by julzmonkey December 11, 2006
a guy who you can call your own. some one who is there for you while being your best friend and someone you can call your loved one. The guy who's arms feels like your sanctuary and who he calls you his world, his love, his baby/babe. a guy who shares the pain with you because he doesn't want you to go through it alone. A guy who you love and care for.
HAPPY: Stefan, i am sooo happy that you are my boyfriend, i love you soooo much. *mchua!!
by HAPPYbingnatural July 04, 2005
The male who points to you and says "that's my girlfriend." The one who called you up just to say hi and hear your voice. The male who can't think of anything but you and tells all his friends about you.
Guy: See that beautiful lady over there?
Friend: Yeah, she's hot
Guy: She's my girlfriend

Girl: See that guy over there?
Friend: Yeah
Girl: He's my boy friend
by stubbornNik December 14, 2005
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