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The muscles/strength you lack because your boyfriend does all your heavy lifting/moving.
Person 1: Help me lift this box.

Person 2: Sorry, no can do, I've got boyfriend muscles.
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by rainebohbrite October 13, 2011
The bicep muscles of your boyfriend that you never noticed or appreciated much until you felt them. The phenomenon is enhanced with cool tattoo sleeves, cologne, and if he is prone to wrapping his arms around you. Pretty sure this term is only used in your own thoughts and there is rarely a time when appropriate to actually say.

Boyfriend muscle is likely to appear in particularly emotional men who are typically romantic, youthful, and completely unaware of their own best qualities. It is easy to become physically infatuated with this type of person, because if he touches you with his boyfriend muscles the pheromones are going to affect you.
"I hope he wears a tight t-shirt today so that I can see his boyfriend muscle."

"If there is a sensation I like to think of most, it is his familiar arms and boyfriend muscle."

"Some guys at the gym are so ripped, but have no boyfriend muscle."

"Although Fugazi front-man Ian MacKaye looks sometimes anorexically thin on the old videos of their shows in the late 80's, he still has prominent boyfriend muscle... and although Henry Rollins is so built, after watching his stand-up where he speaks about women, it's clear there's a soft side, and we all know he has boyfriend muscle- its not just for punching rowdy fans during out-of-hand hardcore shows."
#matt #i miss matt #do i love him #bored and alone #cuddle #everybody should cuddle more
by careuhhline January 21, 2014
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