its man boobs or moobs as i call them
ive got huge moobs and my gf loves em
by kreuger March 13, 2004
Top Definition
a boy is so fat that he can fit into a womans bra
that fat kid has "BOYBOOBS"
by robysta March 14, 2003
The adolescent version of man breasts.
Joe was only 12 but had grown lardy and sported a pair of boy boobs.
by Ricky Rox November 14, 2007
guys with boobs
whoa his boyboobs are bigger than mine!!
by kim December 15, 2003
Tits on a dude, skinny or fat.
-You should date Cameron. He's so smart and he has lots of money.

-Blech! I'm not dating him! He has boyboobs.
by Shawn B. April 14, 2003
boyboobs, sumo tits
dudes got bitch tits and needs a "bro"zire
by cne November 04, 2003
enlarged packets of fat on a guy that himself is a large packet of fat. more often than not, men like shaking these excess parts around like a hoochie mama.
nick strelow...AKA double d (his "bro" size"
by cwapface January 07, 2004
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