actaully means death to the white man, or death to the white devil. alternitavely can be used as a simple diss.
jus say it...simple
by dev June 02, 2003
Noun: An utterance to be used at extreme volume for the purpose of drowning out the sound of one's own flatulence.
"BOYAKASHA!!! No, I did not just rip one."
by Drizzle December 30, 2003
boyakasha is a word ALI-G says when he meets people!
Boyakasha people! Are you gay or something???
by Jonathan December 10, 2003
A phrase that replicates the sound of a semi-automatic pistol, "Boya" being the "Bang", and "Kasha" being the "Click" sound made by either cocking the gun (for some unknown reason) or loading another clip.
Boyakasha wife beaters 5-0 hate on my heaters.
by Jeorg Talbert September 21, 2006
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