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to be rude or to ignore or to walk away from someone.
oi! he just walked away from me! smack that boy-off!
by braaphead October 23, 2006
Pernounced (B-o-y-o-f-f), is commonely used when claiming someone is full of shit. Coming from the ghetto of Vernon Hills, it was created to say "bullshit" in a new way. When saying it, one must raise one leg and slap it with your hand, signifying BOYOFF!
Brett: I got you pack of squares
Taha: Fuck that, your pussy ass doesn't have anything. Boyoff you fuck. (While slapping leg)

George: I'm not a sardine...
by 09WheresTheLine July 24, 2009
A 'Boy-off' is a person who ditches you. This person will 'boy' you off often in favour of doing something else.
"Oh Ollie is such a boy-off"
"Holly just boyed me off for Jenny"
"Just boy your work off an come see me instead?"
by Kimmaaaaaaa January 09, 2012
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