A friends with benefits that is in the friend zone
A: My boy toy is coming over today.
B: Make sure you use protection.
A: I will. I just have to worry about my husband finding out.
by annieeisenhauer January 04, 2014
Boy Toy is usually a much younger man (lover) of an older woman. used specifically for pleasure and fun, who will bend over backwards to do anything for a girl, knowing full well that the girl is using him, that takes care of the needs of a certain someone and does whatever is needed of him.. who is pretty much a living accessory. There to make a girl look good.
girl: he's so my boy toy.
by chillax16 March 01, 2011
Once a greek myth, this man turned sex god is the absolution of lust and desire. Having the ability to turn straight guys gay and girls panties into pools of water, BoyToy the all time master of water polo and WOW has the ability to sexify your mom whenever he pleases. Unfortunately, he has been cursed by the wicked witch of Poland to believe he is unattractive. Unbeknownst of his awesome sex appeal he is left alone is solitary with cesaer as they annihilate noobs in COD and use they gunship to soil any haters. The only way for this curse to be broken is to be kissed by all the girls which believe he is attractive ( which is every single one). After this he will respond with a swift and curtly GMD!
Man did you see BoyToy last night, when he got that gunship in COD my girlfriend left me for him.....and I don't even mind because I'm gay now!
by nitro_zero March 29, 2011
A Boy Toy is an unofficial boyfriend that you like very much... Or you're friends with benefits..but said in a nicer way.

Or another word for Boyfriend
Me: He's my boy toy
Friend: whats that?
Me: My boyfriend! :)
by Rawrpirate! May 25, 2010
Boy Toy is usually a much younger man (lover) of an older woman.
40 yr old woman to friend: I know my lover is only 24, but he's so Hot!
friend: Yea, boy toys are hot lovers.
by eb1radtech May 28, 2005
1. The guy who holds the girl's purse while she makes out with her boyfriend.

2. The guy who hold's the girl's the video camera while she makes her first porno with her boyfriend.

3. The guy who makes a sandwich for the girl who later gives it to her boyfriend.
Guy 1: He ditched us to go hang out with that girl again?
Guy 2: Yea, and he's not even getting any. What a boy toy.
by Lvl 226 March 20, 2010
aka Rye San as in bring your toothbrush!
Who is Shannon's boy toy?
by Lameo February 09, 2005

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