An organization made for young and teenage boys to be able to learn life lessons and survive in the wilderness. Usually filled with semi-social rejects, and a few people who know what they're doing to take care of the others.
My child is a social retard, i think i'm going to put him boy scouts.
by Christopholus November 28, 2008
Usually seen as social retards. This is 80% true, but the other surprising 20% are sexy men who work oh so well with their hands and would slaughter a pack of wolves to protect a foxy woman.
"You've dating boy scouts? Uhhhh... weird."
"Nice pecs, abs of steel and a sense of direction are weird to you?"
by foxygirlbeeenanna July 04, 2012
A member of a Boy Scout Troop that is MIS-stereotyped as nerdy losers.Each troop consists of 3 types of teenagers : #1 Faggots about 15% of the troop, #2 rejects trying to fit in about 5% of the troop, #3 the badass people who know what there doing and teach there scout friends to do the same. All of them (Fag's and Rejects included) carry knives ,primarily switchblades, around everywhere ,theey never get in trouble for it :D, and can kill you in over 9000 ways with weapons ranging from an M&M/Skittle to a flamethrower that that they made from a soda bottle,3.5 sharpened twigs ,underpants ,duct tape, one slice of meatlovers pizza and a discarded zippo. They can take down anyone/anything ranging from a redneck to Michigan state SPARTAN mascot to an alien robot
1 hey did you hear, cole's patrol just walked in Afghanistan and killed all the terrorists with paperclips, and all got girlfriends at the same time

2 how the hell did they do that!?!

1 well there was a box of paperclips

2 no not that, the girlfriend part

1 oh... they're boy scouts

2 that explains it
by THEANNONYMOUSONE August 24, 2012
A man with genitals so cleanly shaven he resembles a prepubescent boy.
Sally: How was your date with Brad last night?

Amber: He was a total Boy Scout. Not a single hair on his package.

Sally: Good, so no pubes in your teeth?

Amber: Yep, like a good Boys Scout he came prepared.
by Cockasaurus Rexx January 04, 2012
A man who plays it safe, does everything by the books, and is in line with authority. Often used to describe Superman, who is a goody two shoes who follows the rules.

Guys deemed a boy scout are almost always annoyingly lame, and a brown noser. They hold up quick progress in places, such as a job, if others are trying to do things fast and in another way that works; the boy scout insists on doing things by the books. A boy scout has to do everything right or they feel the world will fall apart at every seam.

If you're in high school, the clear boy scouts are the ones kissing the teachers ass, also know as the teacher's pet. They're the kind that snitches on you, won't break rules even in the slightest, and are hardasses for no reason; just to be
Dave is a damn boy scout, he won't let you get away with anything, even the slightest offense. Dave couldn't live without the rules.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI January 08, 2012
A type of very poor quality marijuana.
"Hey man I got that presidential kush and instead you are just smoking that Boy Scout"
by Keebo August 19, 2009
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