Any band put together by corporate machines to feed off the pre-pubescent or teen audience:in other words,a band not about music but about money,fame and greed.
Always consist of preety boys,used to latch on to horny teenage girls with a non-threatning image.
Just another word for lame,really.
~Backstreet Boys

Boybands: 60% of what they play on MTV (the other 40% being 20% hip-hop 19% rap and 1% good music.)

Boybands: Studies show 90% of all boyband members are closet homosexuals.True story.

Boybands:Must be destroyed.
by bandanasarerad September 22, 2006
Noun- When you wear tight pants or pull your pants up so they are snug against your groin, highlighting your package for all the world to see.
Michael wouldn't get off the phone with his girlfriend, so we all showed him our boy bands to distract him.
by IZazz June 07, 2011
fucking gay, they are around for the chicks, money, fame, and to give me a blow job
i'm a boyband, wanna fuck me in the ass?
by curved shit August 13, 2003
An outmoded commodity, popular among the steaming shitpiles of the clueless, brainless,post-orwellian masses in the late 1990s amd early 2000s, that was prefabricated by AR types to fit a narrow set of criteria (ability to look attractive, ability to dance....I think that's it).
The boy band danced on the corspes of the remaining boy bands.
by Sheailee March 05, 2007
a group of lads- generally about 5, that think they can either sing about love (notice non of them are ever married as such) or can scream down the mic knowing little scrubby shites can wander around in scrubby hoodies preaching how fantastic murderdolls (etc) are HELL YEAH BABY- BONE EM.
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
A name for a type of band, usually composed of young faggy punks with annoying girly voices. Unfortunately it is because of these traits that women have massive orgasms after just laying their eyes on these lowlife jerk-offs.
For a while boybands have been thee target of all consumerism and have been listened to by all. But from what it seems, the era of boybands is over.

Nevertheless, we must all be prepared. We must all band together and be ready to destroy any premiering boybands that attempt to warp the minds of this generation and the younger, just as the previous ones have just a few years ago.

Girlbands are ok though. But are there any girlbands? Or are the "girlbands" really just the existent boybands? Does Dream count as a girlband? Not that I'm into Dream....btu I bought one of their DVD's (the This Is Me DVD) because I liked the cover when they were all cuddling one another....ahhhh, lesbians...^-^ ^-^ ^-^ LOL j/k This Is Me is a pretty good song. Kinda. I really prefer hard rock. But then again, I like all genres of music, even classical, save rage rap though; rage rap kinda scares me a little.
by Dave March 06, 2004
The area between the asshole and ballsack on a man or the asshole and the vagina on a woman.
Mark's boy band was sore after his eighteen-mile bike ride.
by The Bibbster February 15, 2009
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