one who is always prepared to smoke a bowl.
peter: let's smoke a bowl.
fredrick: shit. i forgot my piece.
boris: don't fret! i brought my pipe.
peter: hell yeah. boris is a regular fucking boyscout.
by face off May 27, 2005
A girl who hunts for guyz basically
when a girl says they are/were a boy scout it doenst mean they were part of ur boy scout troop, it means they hunted for boyz
Kara: "I was a boy scout the other day" Frederick "boy scout?"
by ADD November 09, 2005
1)A boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts.
2)Slang term for a man or boy who is considered to be naive.
Gang Leader: "So squirt, what brings you to these mean parts of town?"
Kid: "Oh I'm just walking around selling these candy bars as a fundraiser for my troop."
Gang Leader: "Wow, are we being straight-up econ here!"
*Gang leader points and laughs at the kid as other gang members surround him and laugh at him as well*
Kid: "Um, hey, just what the heck is so funny anyway? Would you like to buy some of my candy?"
Gang Leader: "Looks like you went to the wrong place and picked the wrong guys to sell to, Boy Scout!"

Mark H. Pimpin' new slang defs on UD since February 2004.
by Mark H June 04, 2005
a kid who got screwed over by overzealous parents who wanted said kid in harvard. Most boyscouts hate the program and sneak contrabrand music players to camps and swear at bystanders. (at least me anyway)
loser:"Hey you're a boy scout, what a fag!!!"
coolboyscout:"Go thumb your pocket protector you dipshit before I kick your ass."
by novark September 11, 2006
Some prick in a first person shooter who camps in a corner and waits for someone to run by to get a cheap kill. In CoD4 usually with UAV jammer and the no0b Mp5. Yes the Mp5 is a gay weapon get over it.
God damnit i just got killed by a Boy Scout who is using an Mp5.
What a fag.
by God hates snipers April 18, 2009
A kid dressed like an idiot commanded by a real idiot dressed as a kid.
Look at that idiot, he must be a boy scout.
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
A 40 year old high school student,who wears khaki's as his basketball shorts,who cannot play basketball,who cannot get laid, and who is one of the creepyest persons you will ever know!
"Geese Ben, i really wish you would get some new shorts for basketball, those khaki's make you look like a boy scout"
Ben "but coach, i am a boy scout"
by Chris Blackstock December 10, 2006

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