a worrying bunch of men in their mid 20's who make a living by turning on 6-14 yr old girls and old women.
do you think they score with their groupies? Send for the social workers!
by pees and mash April 24, 2003
A group of "musicians" who rarely play their own instruments, consisting purely of reasonably attractive males who appeal to girls ages 10-14. This term does not apply to all bands that are comprised solely of males. It is used in reference to a specific genre of music artists who perform for a pre-teen audience in a mainstream pop/rock style.
N'Sync is a "boy band"
by unlikepoets October 14, 2005
guys that pretend to like girls, but are actually gay to help their image. Guys in a band that have sex with each other
boy bands are gay
by ?? July 10, 2003
Any group of five homosexual pedophile men who sing manufactured pop songs about love, romance, why women keep dumping them, and other overrated bullshit targeted towards pre-adolescent or teenybopper girls. Normally, these genetic defects should have had careers in flipping McDonalds burgers, since they can't even play a musical instrument or even read a music sheet if their lives depended on it.
How can each boy band be considered unique if they all look the same, act the same, sing in soprano, are all faggots, will never experience a vagina, and have an average shelf-life of only two years?
by AYB May 26, 2003
A band with more than one male lead singer. Considered 'mainstream' and often bashed by anyone older than 14 and American. Boybands typically have decent music, (although no one will admit it) seriously hott guys, and never play their own instruments. There are bands with all boys, and multiple singers, but these are not boy bands. They actually play their own instruments and usually keep the same drummer.
Some boybands...
Backstreet boys

Not boybands...
Fall Out Boy
by apathetic1 March 01, 2008
The main reason (next to Reality Shows and Dubya) why the world hates America.I forgot hiphop.
MTV - And for the 100th time this hour, here's the hot video from the new boyband *fill in the blank*.

Osama - Fukkit! Death to the infidels!
by Creamy Goodness February 07, 2005
a group of usually 4-5 guys, that get together to try to make the most homesexual music ever.
during a interview with a boy band they the interviewer asked if there was anyone special in their life and they replied, "we already have eachother"
by The Jizz King July 24, 2006
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