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1. A cheap and effective way to get drunk and puke, that consists of a bag of low quality wine inside a box, drunk by people who cant even afford a beer. Also known as a "2 buck chuck"
First Guy: "Im gonna buy a boxie and get smashed and wreck the house and then chuck everywhere!"

Second Guy: "AWEWSOME! Me too!"

Third Guy: "Blaaargh!!"
by Damaniac88 June 11, 2005
6 6
Barbadian vernacular for a woman's rear end.
You she boxie real big!
by Braf January 13, 2009
9 3
Someone who is as wide as they are tall
Used as an insult
Most likely to be easy skets
"ahah, pure boxie mate!"
by Ellie-Ann September 24, 2007
1 5