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a pair of mens drawers that has legs like a boxer but is tight like a brief as to provide support without 'strangulation.' rapidly gaining populatity, especially among athletes, the hip hop world, and metrosexuals.
"I wear boxer briefs on gym days but the rest of the time regular boxers."
by Tommy November 22, 2003
What happened when somebody decided to cross tighty whities and boxers. This resulted in one of the best inventions for men since sliced bread, period. Women love a man in boxer briefs, just ask any girl yourself. These comfortable pieces of underwear have the stretchiness and cradling feature of normal briefs while still retaining that loose feel of the boxer in one neat little package. Now you can wear tighter underwear without people ridiculing you or feeling all that extra wind around your thighs while not having to deal with your package flapping about at the same time. On a comfort scale, boxer briefs are perfect for guys who like to wear pants and like to be active. These things will get the job done for you.
I'm obsessed with boxer briefs... I have like 20 pairs, but I need more! The girls are loving me man, loving me!
by TheSpectacularOne May 07, 2009
a tight fitting underwear combination for men's genitalia. It combines the comfort of boxers with the support of briefs. Usually 100% cotton
"I think i'll buy those roomy boxer-briefs"
by Megan April 01, 2005
a tight fitting underwear combination for men's genitalia. It combines the comfort of boxers with the support of briefs. Usually 100% cotton
I cant wear boxers I don't like briefs so I'll got some of them boxerbriefs
by underwear soldier October 22, 2009
Boxer briefs is a type of underwear that is a hybrid between briefs and boxers (hence the name). Many male athletes and male adolescents wear boxer briefs because of the support and looseness. Boxer briefs are worn in place of a jockstrap for football players. You can also get wedgies in boxer briefs.
1) My burly friend who plays football and quiz bowl wears boxer briefs. I know this because whenever he sits down to play quiz bowl, his waistband of his undies and/or his buttcrack shows. Also, one night, when we slept at an inn, he slept in his underwear.
2) One day, a burly football player was getting ready to leave school. He only had on his boxer briefs. Then, a skinny football player came and got a good grip on his waistband and yanked up. The burly guy was in shock; he looked to see the wedgier. He tried shaking him off, but the boxer briefs kept getting wedged in his fat butt. Finally, RIIIPPPPP!! The boxer briefs fell, defeated and ripped, and the burly guy was naked. The skinny guy was scared, but luckily, the burly guy didn't beat him up and got another pair of undies. He became wedgie buddies with the skinny guy and now gets and gives wedgies.
by bgnteen7 December 27, 2009
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