"to get boxed" is when you come home and your things have been unexpectedly boxed up and put out on the curb. Most commonly seen in relationships, however, this can happen to anyone.
"I just got home and my stuff had been thrown out on the curb!!"

"oh, man you just got boxed!"
by keygirl June 03, 2009
Top Definition
really messed up, as in drunk or high.
Man, that joint has me boxed
by Beau LeBlanc June 02, 2005
to fill a room, car, bathroom,etc with marijuana smoke
lets box your car
this shit is so boxed i cant see shit
by milk maker June 07, 2005
“You’re going to go get boxed on a Friday or Saturday night. You don’t want to say you lost your shield when you were out drinking, so you carry a dupe.” -- Louis R. Anemone, a former NYPD chief of department, quoted in the New York Times in an article about fake badges carried by police officers
by Blue439 November 30, 2009
To not be able to move after smoking marijuana. Such as a boxer when he tries to get up after getting knocked out. He is "boxed" out.

"Chelsey was so boxed after smoking that bowl."
by nitemarenme33 March 24, 2009
The feeling of being boxed is when you're in a little weed hole and cant get your self out of it, usually the result from smoking too much cannabis.
Friend - "Dude... im fucking boxed"
Me - "Yea bro ride it out"
by Kujaftw June 09, 2013
To be stoned beyond the point of possible movement
"I'm boxed out of my skull"
by Dan Hates You May 08, 2005
Presented with an error message on a computer.
Fuck, I got boxed again! John, I can't send you that video clip. My browser won't support it.
by pentozali March 17, 2013

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