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the place where film tickets are sold
"Spider-Man 3" smashed box office records across eight Asian markets Tuesday
by Simeon S May 02, 2007
The female version of a airplane cockpit. To be used when the entire flight crew is female.
Flight supervisor: "Why don't you head up to the cockpit and see if the pilots want some coffee?"

Flight attendant: "I'm afraid it's a box office today, both pilots are female. Hope they aren't both PMSing."

by Darie H September 01, 2006
Box office is also used as a London slang term for a pretty woman
"That girl is box office."
by Wynand January 02, 2008
basically any dank alleyway in New York City where boxes are sold
"Dude, the bus smells like a box office."

"Hey, I've been to New York City!"
by youngun' November 15, 2007
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