The Islamic terrorist's switchblade and edged weapon of choice.
The towelheads on Flight 11 out of Boston were armed with box cutters.
by Papa Smurf July 08, 2005
Top Definition
A Lesbian with Braces
Admit it Yolanda, the only reason you're not doing Regina is becaus she's a box cutter.
by Sly Ty May 17, 2007
A cutting implement consisting of a small, sturdy, replaceable razor blade, and a durable handle into which the blade can be retracted for safety. Also known as a “utility knife”.
Box cutters make shitty weapons.
by Shard December 31, 2004
A pair of pants, shorts, or any other article of clothing covering the "box" that is too small or tight and is shoved so far in her vag it looks like her box was cut.
Did you see Brittany's jeans? They're so tight on her fat ass they're box cutters!!
by Nicolette NYC January 05, 2007

3,000 people killed on 9/11 because of BOX CUTTERS!!!!

Why didn't the Democrats outlaw box cutters???

They should atleast ban assault-style box cutters!!!!!
by WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? August 15, 2004
Slang for a Puerto Rican. Used because they often go for the $2 box cutter rather than a more expensive butterfly or switchblade. I was told this by a Puerto Rican himself, so I assume its legit.
Jennifer Lopez has a fat box cutter ass.
by Frank Hopper August 26, 2005
sweet ass gynastic corkswcrew type flip trick
have yall seen joe eigo's sweet ass boxcutter
by po folk March 03, 2008
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