hair cut shaped like a box
box cuts used to be hot back in the days
by Lehem October 16, 2003
a positive word used to describle things that have either an intersting look or personality. A box might also be something you say when u see something is never used in a mean way.
That dog only has three legs, that is so boxed.
Why won't this box move, can't he see the light is green?
by MallyB October 09, 2006
A remote control for your television
"Gimme the box, I wanna turn the channel"
by Kaitland December 07, 2005
Jamaican term; Slap in da face!! H
extremly hard mush to da grill!!
Him no wan stop talk!!? Him mus a look two box!
A long time me no box buay you know!
by Pottz January 11, 2005
To eat something or to literally contain food
"Yo dude can I box on this leftover chicken?"
by DC October 22, 2003
hand me a box
by Lehem October 16, 2003
a member of the gang gd or gangster diciple
say cuz, i put that on box i hit that box
by Samsonite2k3 November 11, 2003

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