when something is so fucking awesome its just, Box.

(also box is the opposite of frail)
yo bro that shit was so box, i just couldnt contain myself.

"yo this jew david got madd sloshed an shat all over the back seat of my car".

"Oh shit man that defiantly is the opposite of box".
by triple gangster x November 05, 2010
similar to the word square, meaning someone who is out of touch with current trends and culture, basically someone who "lives in a box" and appears to have no human relations skills. Also someone who is very uptight about trivial things.
Johnny was so box, he was panicing because he was unable to locate the assignment that he completed three weeks before it was due.
by Blair February 05, 2004
1) Short for "tool box". Calling someone a box is worse than calling that person a tool, since it refers to a whole box of tools.
2) To fight using one's fists, usually in a ring, as if you were Mike Tyson.
You won't even box my 10-year-old brother? Man, you can be a real box sometimes.
by Nick D May 01, 2003
Bro, I was playing some Box the other day, it was sick.
by David is a jew April 13, 2009
Box: A 12 pack of beer, as opposed to the standard calling of 24 beers "A Case".
"Man I'm not lookin' to get to trashed tonight, why don't you just get a box of Bud Light bottles."
by Chaz King March 01, 2008
An object you put down your trowsers to cover your private parts when playing some sports, such as cricket.
"AAAARRGGHHHH!!!! Why don't they let us wear boxes? I may never have children now... :("
by A_Llama January 06, 2005
the thing gurls lovs guys to eat out
michael ate my box last night
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
- a dumb ass word created by south carolinians , instead of just saying the word " hit " , or " punch " .
skank - " shuttup boy "
boy - " don't tell me to shuttup hoe "
skank - " nigga please , get box ! "
by ClassyNevaTrashy January 02, 2011

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