when something is so fucking awesome its just, Box.

(also box is the opposite of frail)
yo bro that shit was so box, i just couldnt contain myself.

"yo this jew david got madd sloshed an shat all over the back seat of my car".

"Oh shit man that defiantly is the opposite of box".
by triple gangster x November 05, 2010
to fuck someone on a moving train and go all the way, meaning for both partners to achieve orgasms and cum (or "come"). starts with groping people on crowded trains where most of the people are working men. derived from the hentai anime "g spot express"
Dave: Dude, I just boxed that girl on the train on the orange line.
Steve: I can tell from the odor coming from your unzipped fly and red face.
by zombrinHALO January 02, 2011
A stolen car, truck or motorcycle with vehicule I.D. tags taken from a legit although wrecked vehicule. Hence masking it...a box. Also in French...une Boite.
If you get pulled over & cops do a check of all the VIN numbers on a box it might be confiscated & towed away.
by MC70 November 03, 2010
A complext move in the game Eight
"Damn, you totally boxed my Eight"
by Chris!! April 28, 2007
A Chevy from back in the 80's, usually on rims ranging from 22's(those are little),23's, 24's, 26's,even 28's. Also sitting very high off the ground, has a large trunk capasity that can fit up to four 15 inch woofers in the back!
Dat nigga was ridin by in the box on 28's!
by Myspace.com/slaphott November 03, 2006
a cube or rectangular prism made primarily out of cardboard. usually used to contain things, sometimes things that need to be sent to other people via the postal service. can also be used as a plaything by children.
the boy gave his girlfriend a box of chocolates
the mailman delivered the box of uranium to the mild-mannered housewife
ooh! let's pretend that the box is a rocketship!
by Supie October 08, 2006
vagina, pussy, hot chicks
What are you up to tonight? I'm just tryin to pull some box.
by andrewq November 28, 2005
a homless persons home
a cardboadbox is very cold
by kevin dow February 27, 2005

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