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when something is so fucking awesome its just, Box.

(also box is the opposite of frail)
yo bro that shit was so box, i just couldnt contain myself.

"yo this jew david got madd sloshed an shat all over the back seat of my car".

"Oh shit man that defiantly is the opposite of box".
by triple gangster x November 05, 2010
1 10
Suffix to any swear to make it twice as bad due to making it a personality trait...
"For fucks sake Reynolds you spilt the beer"........"Yeah you twatbox/cuntbox/fuckbox/shitbox"
by BiG G May 23, 2004
13 15
The television set.
What's on the box tonight?
by Andy Williams September 20, 2003
14 16
1. (n; adj) A person who appears to be hip and relevant but, upon further inspection, lacks substance; a square in disguise; a poser.

2. (n; adj) An undesirable vagina
Sally's cool but her fat sister's a total box.
by Ice Cream Advantage December 31, 2011
2 5
Verb: To pester or hinder another with a box or box shaped object. Usually requires asking "Box?" without any actual consent to warn the person of their impending doom.
Kyle: 'spies a Rubik's cube'.
Kyle: Box?

Nick: No.

Kyle: Box??

Nick: Crap.

Kyle: 'throws Rubik's cube at Nick'.
by JRusz623 April 11, 2011
3 6
Referring to a box of psuedoephedrine. Also known as a square. Also known as a BX.
Usually traded for .5-.75 of meth, or 40 bucks.
One box 240 mg box yeilds about 2-2.4 grams of meth.
Got box?
Yep. Got trade?
by tragicbeautiful January 27, 2011
1 4

A person who Looks , Acts , Speaks & Thinks in an extremely uncool way.

An Item can also be Box.

Synonym: Stupid, Gay, Queer, Gross, Ugly, Idiotic, Douchy like, immature.

Any offensive word can be substituted by Box.

Please note, people who have excelled at using the word box , usually use it instead of "Yo"
This bitch looks box ,what kind of box pants are those ,Stop acting box its pissing me off ,The way you think is really box ,I went to dubai last week, or should i say Dubox,Bro your just fuckin box,Your breathe smells box ,Thats box
by Khaled Al-kassimi / Sheikh Box January 14, 2011
2 5
to fuck someone on a moving train and go all the way, meaning for both partners to achieve orgasms and cum (or "come"). starts with groping people on crowded trains where most of the people are working men. derived from the hentai anime "g spot express"
Dave: Dude, I just boxed that girl on the train on the orange line.
Steve: I can tell from the odor coming from your unzipped fly and red face.
by zombrinHALO January 02, 2011
10 13