female genitalia, specifically, the vagina
The box a penis comes in.
by JT January 26, 2004
A friend who moved from RI to CA.
Has anyone seen Box around Thayer Street lately?
by xcentric July 18, 2003
An older, 80's Chevy Caprice...the square ones.
Fool came round tha corner, busted sky three in a candy coated Box.
by Basic November 11, 2002
- a dumb ass word created by south carolinians , instead of just saying the word " hit " , or " punch " .
skank - " shuttup boy "
boy - " don't tell me to shuttup hoe "
skank - " nigga please , get box ! "
by ClassyNevaTrashy January 02, 2011
Box: A 12 pack of beer, as opposed to the standard calling of 24 beers "A Case".
"Man I'm not lookin' to get to trashed tonight, why don't you just get a box of Bud Light bottles."
by Chaz King March 01, 2008
A complext move in the game Eight
"Damn, you totally boxed my Eight"
by Chris!! April 28, 2007
A Chevy from back in the 80's, usually on rims ranging from 22's(those are little),23's, 24's, 26's,even 28's. Also sitting very high off the ground, has a large trunk capasity that can fit up to four 15 inch woofers in the back!
Dat nigga was ridin by in the box on 28's!
by Myspace.com/slaphott November 03, 2006
a cube or rectangular prism made primarily out of cardboard. usually used to contain things, sometimes things that need to be sent to other people via the postal service. can also be used as a plaything by children.
the boy gave his girlfriend a box of chocolates
the mailman delivered the box of uranium to the mild-mannered housewife
ooh! let's pretend that the box is a rocketship!
by Supie October 08, 2006

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