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female genitalia, specifically, the vagina
The box a penis comes in.
by JT January 26, 2004
A slang term form the vagina, primarily used by collegiate and professional baseball players. The term was first publicly used in the 2001 movie Summer Catch to describe Jessica Biel "having a nice box." This has led to the general consensus being that the college baseball players on Cape Cod developed the word and it has spread to players elsewhere. Many kangaroo court systems fine players for girls with "hairy or smells boxes."

The tendency of baseball players to eat girls out may have also contributed to the vernacular being closely associated with them - eating out a girl with a nice box is the goal for the night of many a collegiate player.
She has a hot face, but Sam said she has a hairy box.
by Fresh Prince11242 December 26, 2009
A Chevy from back in the 80's, usually on rims ranging from 22's(those are little),23's, 24's, 26's,even 28's. Also sitting very high off the ground, has a large trunk capasity that can fit up to four 15 inch woofers in the back!
Dat nigga was ridin by in the box on 28's!
by November 03, 2006
a cube or rectangular prism made primarily out of cardboard. usually used to contain things, sometimes things that need to be sent to other people via the postal service. can also be used as a plaything by children.
the boy gave his girlfriend a box of chocolates
the mailman delivered the box of uranium to the mild-mannered housewife
ooh! let's pretend that the box is a rocketship!
by Supie October 08, 2006
vagina, pussy, hot chicks
What are you up to tonight? I'm just tryin to pull some box.
by andrewq November 28, 2005
Techie term used to generically describe a computer, more specifically the case
I have three boxes, one is a microsoft, one is a mac and the last is a linux.
by matty February 04, 2005
similar to the word square, meaning someone who is out of touch with current trends and culture, basically someone who "lives in a box" and appears to have no human relations skills. Also someone who is very uptight about trivial things.
Johnny was so box, he was panicing because he was unable to locate the assignment that he completed three weeks before it was due.
by Blair February 05, 2004
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