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female genitalia, specifically, the vagina
The box a penis comes in.
by JT January 26, 2004
A cube you put things in.
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
A group of friends and not friends living in laguna. Made up of a bunch of kooks. includes pickles box( the maker of the box names) box, rice box, cookie box, turkey box, chicken box, speed box, grom box. BOX MAFIA
Woah look at those boxes
by gromsmyd September 16, 2009
asmall structure used to grow marijuani inside.
by sky May 07, 2003
Male genetial as seen as a bulge or outline in a man's pants that are often tight like jeans.
Walking down Hollywood Blvd, Chris turned to Tyrone and said, "Gee, did you see the box on that guy? It's almost as big as yours."
by Richard Black February 28, 2005
a person who smells like donkey shit
Brian Cho
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
xob spelled backwards
if billy spelled xob backwards...he gets a word called "box" amazing!
by Joekool697 July 30, 2004
a person who bitches about having no friends; Box precedes their original given name.
omg did you hear that Box Megan got her nipples pierced? DISGUSTING!
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003

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