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Box lacrosse is like field lacrosse, but played inside a hockey rink. The nets are smaller (4 feet by 4 feet) and the goalies take up most of the net with their gear, so scoring takes a lot of skill. Box lacrosse is most popular in Canada with Nationals being held from peewee-junior. All must be a standard length depending on your are division. Box lacrosse differs from field lacrosse not only because it is played in a hockey rink (with no ice) but because there are less people on the floor (5 runners, 1 goalie) and it is faster paced, more hitting and players can move anywhere they wish on the floor.
Becca: I love playing box lacrosse!

Jane: What's that?

Becca: it's like field lacrosse but girls get to hits!
Jane: I'm definitely playing that now.
by Karma Bitch April 02, 2014
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