a game of ten pins, when knocked down you win some soup
i went bowling for soup with my friend!
by lemon is a masculine colour May 05, 2005
An awesome band from Texas, with a great sence of humour, and fully against the emo-movement (check out their song I'm Gay)!

Founded the Annual "Get Happy Tour" with Army of Freshmen.

Albums include Rock on Honourable ones!, Lets Do It For Johnny, Drunk Enough to Dance, A Hangover You Don't Deserve, Bowling For Soup goes to the Movies and latest record The Great Burrito Extortion Case.

Many people will only know BFS for thier song 1985, and anyone who thinks this is good should check out the rest of their stuff!

A lot of people are against BFS for 1985 being "overplayed" on the radio...fair enough if you have at least heard some other songs before dismissing them, but many just hate them without even listening to the music.

They are 4 of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Virtually garunteed to put a big goofy smile on your face =D

Bowling For Soup are awesome, I love Drunk enough to Dance!
by luckiestloser March 20, 2008
BOWLING FOR SOUP kicking asses
bestest band ever! yay!
hella much better than those whinning emo bands

My Chemical Romance fans go and fuck yourself..!! yeah!!
u're bitch but I love u anyway (cool)

I'm not okkkk (fuck it)
by fueled by ramen August 17, 2005
Bowling For Soup is an amazing band. All these haters that say they are pointless are stupid! Look at Star song and Much More Beautiful Person. Both mean to love yourself and be happy. Im Gay is just about how haters are bringing down the people who jut want to be happy. The love songs are not about fairy tale love. In Why don't I Miss you it's about how burning up never felt so write. They are not like Taylor Swift songs. Clearly you have taste in true music. You can tell they just want to have fun and live! They don't care about looks or being all cool with the dark clothe. I love this band. They changed my life. And they are fun, immature and cute :) No matter age you can always be immature and have a fun life!
I went to see Bowling For Soup, their song I'm Gay made me realize happy is actually fun intead of sulking.
by musiclover787878 May 02, 2010
A Texas based pop-punk band who KICK ASS!!! BFS are gods, I don't care what you say! They are hilarious and will make you feel better when you're sad! Everyone who doesn't like them has probably only heard 1985 and thinks "wow they suck they don't even write their own songs!" That's not true!!! SR-71 passed the song on to Jarret to use as his own! It doesn't matter! The haters won't even listen to ROHO, Lets Do It For Johnny, Or Drunk Enough to Dance! They hear one song and hate BFS forever!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you want to live your life without the Ray of sunshine BFS is, watever...
Awesome Bowling for Soup Songs:
Punk Rock 101
The Bitch Song
Girl All the Bad Guys Want
by Extreme Hangman February 09, 2010
(v) A makeshift mockery of bowling, using soup cans for bowling pins and anything but a bowling ball for a bowling ball.
Person No.1, "Wanna go bowling!?"
Person No.2, "Yeah!"
Person No.1,"Got any money?!"
Person No.2,"No."
Person No.1,"Hmmm... Well lets go bowling for soup."
by Jebudiah Springsteen July 10, 2008
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