During a hate fuck, preferably in the ass, while in the bathroom you position them over the toilet and donkey punch them when you bust a nut and flush while their head is immerced in the water. Not only causeing pain but adding insult to injury by giving them a swirly.
I gave that bitch a bowl job last night after we had a few drinks.
by Mr Savage February 26, 2004
Top Definition
Oral sex while you are shitting. A combination of the words "toilet bowl" and "blow job".
Man, that whore is so dirty... She just gave me a bowl job in the outhouse.
by Honorarius April 03, 2006
The act of getting a blowjob while simultaneously hitting a bowl.
Last night my girl came through with the sweetest nugget and gave me a bowl job... I think she's the one.
by Horny Maker September 06, 2010
When someone feeds you something (anything) from a bowl while wearing lingerie.
You are also tied up somehow.
Man, my wife only gives the baby bowl jobs now, and she doesn't even mean it the same way.
by Missm00 May 20, 2012
when you're at a bowling alley and your finger's get stuck in the ball and you try to jerk them out.
i was at the bowling alley with my girlfriend and she made me so nervous that she gave me a bowljob.
by dashiell September 02, 2007
Alternatively spelled "Bowl Job", a bowljob is any activity, chore, paid job or favor, deemed possible and/or better to do after getting high.

Examples of common bowljobs:
Store clerk
Process serving
High school homework
Rolling a jay
"I'm going on a business trip tomorrow, but seeing as I've got two co-workers with me and we're going to Kingston, Jamaica, I figure it's just gonna be one big bowljob for me."
by KG420 April 14, 2009
An act or instance of smoking a bowl of weed, in apology for a fuckup
1)Bro, I’m sorry I walked out with giving you the $100 I owe you for the dankest shit I’ve smoked in a while. Let me give you a bowl job to make it up to you.

2) Bro, thanks for driving me out to give my dealer the money. Let me give you a bowl job to make up for the hassle.
by Jon and Po October 29, 2008
A popular haircut in the 90's made by placing a bowl over the victim's head and shaving everywhere else.
Dude, that loser's haircut looks awful, it looks like his barber gave him a bowl job.
by BJ November 10, 2004
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