Hey man, wanna match some bowls?
by bdillz July 28, 2008
reffering to deep dish rims or rims on a car the have a deep groove inside of them like a bowl.
all blacks whip on all black "bowls. "
you see that scrapper with them 24 chrome "bowls"?
by 408bayshark December 22, 2008
Nottingham poker scene slang short for "bowl of rice" concocted by a locally famous Chinese chip shop chain owner and poker player whom frequents the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club and Casino. It means a small amount of poker chips.
Alex: "How much you in for?"
Fred: "Bowl."
by permanentquandary November 26, 2013
An idiotic way of saying the verb 'to go'
Hey, you bowling spoons tonight?
by hillgrove May 26, 2012
how a new yorker says testicles.
Yeah, you gots king kong bowls.
by daniel tamez November 10, 2011
Used to describe the act of leaving, arriving, or going somewhere. Used in place of words "go" and "leave". Also can be used to describe the act of using an item that belongs to someone else. Originated from the Bay by the DKB.
Lets bowl to sams place.
Should we bowl?
Yeah, then alice bowled over.

Can i bowl your car?
Is it all good if i bowl some rice?
by MrStowl September 25, 2011
a non mechanical device used to make ones self and others fucked out of their minds
"hey holly, i got a sweet new bowl, lets go get high !"
"okay !"
by robbocot December 08, 2008

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