Can mean simply

1. Walking (as above tbh)

but also describes

2. An over-exaggerated style of walking characterized by a kind of swaying bouncing motion(ok that's not the best description just think almost comically exaggerated-walking) bearing a confident stance.

Most commonly employed by rude boys (and I mean the chav kind not the ska kind) seemingly to convey a "I'm the man!" persona but often overdone to the point of looking like an idiot.

All the same a slight bowl can help to make you appear confident (if only in the eyes of chav's) and can minorly improve your chances of getting started on by a gang of rude boys (as opposed to shuffling past nervously) I justify "the bowl" because being from essex(one of the lovely chav heartlands of england) I'm told by mates from nicer parts of the country that I sometimes have a slight bowl (albeit a subtle one)

My message bowling is ok, by all means cultivate an air of streetwise confidence but just try not to look silly.

ps I'm not anti-chav (some of my best mates fit well into that category) my comments simply reflect that I've never seen a skater/punk/greebo with an excessive bowl or for that matter one that will try to start a fight with a complete stranger...

and your probably still thinking what is a bowl?
1. I'll bowl down there inna minute.

2. Look at the bowl on him! oh dear.

Should you spot a particularly bad perpetrator you could use the phrase "Do you want some fruit with that (bowl) mate!" should hopefully go right over anyones head who behaves in such a ludicrous manner, but you still have a fairly good chance of getting your head kicked in as even if they dont understand offence is easily taken.. oh but I digress.
by savagegump February 11, 2005
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the part of a marijuana (weed, pot, ganja, etc.) pipe in which the marijuana is placed (packed) to be smoked. it may have a little hole (carb) on the side of it, which you cover while you are inhaling the marijuana smoke while holding the whole pipe and smoking.
"i wanna smoke a bowl right now soo bad!"
(british accent)"oh! you guys are smokin a bowl! they're goin to go smoke a bowl! may we smoke with you?"
by bunny&sasha December 20, 2003
Very simple device, used to hold unstable food.
Pass the chili bowl, please.
by Rodney Basil September 27, 2003
bowl (n): the indentation in a pipe (generally a marijuana pipe) in which the marijuana itself is placed
"Wow, this pipe has a really big bowl"

"I'll pack that bowl up"
by mells January 05, 2005
Contrary to all other definitions of "bowl" on Urbandictionary. It's something you eat cereal out of.
"Don't hit my bowl.. with your spoon. Conserve the frosted flakes dude."
#bowl #cereal #fine #china #marijuana
by M4RKy September 16, 2011
The part of a device for smoking marijuana that hold the weed itself.
The pipe itself is NOT called a bowl. That is a common mistake; stop making it. Call it a pipe or a glass piece, but don't call the whole device a bowl around anyone who knows anything if you don't want to look stupid.
Dude, let's pack a bowl.
Dude, let's smoke a bowl.
I don't want to smoke too much, just pack a light bowl.
Give me the bong, you always pack the bowl too loose.
by Scarab November 22, 2002
Bowl is the name for a pipe that weed is smoked out of. While it is technically the term used for the area in which the weed is packed, it is a term experienced potheads use for the whole pipe, because pipes are generally associated with flavored tobacco and grandfathers. If you're trying to impress a pothead with your extensive knowledge of smoking vocabulary, you should therefore use this term, or the widely-used term piece (also associated more with weed than tobacco).
"Let me hit that bowl, son." or "You wanna hit this bowl Kiran?" "Fuck yeah I do, Hannah, you bowl-toting mother fucker."
#weed #pipe #piece #bada #stoned
by Karubisan November 07, 2006
Half bat, half owl. A toy made by Cinco, it's for boys and girls, among a host of others its also suitable for. First seen on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!
B'owl is perfect for pep-pep and nana!
#bat #owl #cinco #tim #eric
by Thadius Feffenbouther June 11, 2007
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