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An otherwise heterosexual man who acknowledges that he would still be defenseless against any sexual advances made by David Bowie himself.
Now I'm not gay, but David Bowie is David Bowie. I guess I'm bowiesexual.
by Stop sucking and get awesome. November 10, 2005
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Only being attracted to anyone who looks like David Bowie, especially if this person loves David Bowie, dresses like David Bowie, or both. Women, gay men, and heterosexual men can all identify themselves as bowiesexual.
Girl: I love your platform shoes! I am bowiesexual, and you are totally hot.
Guy: I am too! You can't deny David Bowie's sexual allure. Wanna make out?
Girl: YES! Can I call you David?
by fromlaandnotproud January 21, 2012

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