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Increasingly used in the Arab World, especially in Dubai, UAE, Bower is the word "Power" but spelled with a B since the Arabic Language does not have the sound for the alphabet "P".
The Mitsubishi is too Bowerful as compared to the Land Cruiser!


The Nissan lost Bower when it got halfway up the dune!
by khattak March 15, 2009
Drinking a beer while taking a shower, usually as a reward to oneself.
When he heard the news that he got a 4.0 GPA last quarter, he rewarded himself with a nice, relaxing bower.
by skanpolo January 18, 2006
The best group of people in the world. Often associated with being GORGEOUS!! Be jealous of those who's last name is Bowers. Also, one of the founding families of the KKK.
That Bethany is a real looker. Too bad she is a white supremicist.. She must be a Bowers
by John Hefferson July 10, 2008
1. The illegitimate spawn of Tina Fey and Albert Einstein. Often used as a last name or derogatory term describing a person as such.

2. The cross between a science class and an incestuous hillbilly hoe down.

3. A reverse cougar displaying all the above qualities.

Stephen: What did you think of her?
Dylan: I'm not feeling it. She's a total bowers.

Deborah: Did you catch that party last night?
Tina: Didn't go. Heard it was a bowers rerun anyway.
Deborah: That's what you ask for when you mix drinks in a barn yard.


Chris: Look out! Bowers alert!
Eric: Relax, we way too young. I'd warn your dad though.
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim February 06, 2010
Disappearing before an event or showing up late for a meet, the name came from the major of New Malden in the late 1800s.
Let's meet at 7pm for dinner, please be there Djetey, don't do a Bowers, like you're used to do
by Toucanium July 08, 2013
When you are really hungover and you don't feel like standing up to take a shower. So you lay down like you're taking a bath with the drain stopped up and the shower beats down on you.
Dude did you take a shower? No, I felt like shit, I took a bower.
by Roy T January 08, 2006
A Jamaican term for a female or male who sucks dick or pussy.
Man: Yo me hear seh da man deh ova deh suh a bowers enuh.
by mystique211 August 04, 2011