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an incredibley large poo-poo
I'm off to the bog to do a bowel buster
by SteveMick Pete December 04, 2005
A triple hash brown from Waffle House topped with chili, cheese, and ham as well as an assortment of sauces.
John enjoyed a bowel buster at Waffle House.
by K1llr0y December 14, 2009
The mega sandwich of McDonalds.

When you combine a double cheeseburger and a McChicken into a single sandwich.
Dude 1: So I went to mcdonalds the other day, and for $2.14, I got a bowel buster!

Dude 2: whats that?

Dude 1: when you separate the hamburger patties and insert the McChicken. 2 hamburger patties, 1 chicken patties, 6 buns!!!
by wolbear October 20, 2008
after long evening of over indulgence, you experience adominal cramps and the loss of control of your bowels to a liquidy explosion the next morning
"Dude, I think I over did iit with all the beer, booze and hot wings last night. That last dump was a bowel buster! There was shit everywhere!
by donjuandemarco December 30, 2009
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