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1.A term for sexual activity,meant to sound like a sexy bassline.

2.A term often exclaimed after someone just said something that sounded sexual.
1."Me and Rebbecca just had some bow chica wow wow.

2.Sal:"Wanna eat some of my meat log?"
Andy:"Bow chica wah wah!"
by n00bslama November 09, 2008
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1.used in axe commercials to show a sexual attraction
2.often said by people to others because they wanna do it with them
One day in a little suburb a garbage man found a can of axe in the garbage truck. An old lady was outside getting the paper when she got a wiff of the axe, the lady tackled the garbage man and yelled bow chica wah wah then many things happened
by kimmy and celene December 09, 2007

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