BOV- bulge over the vagina.used to describe somewhat overweight women or women who have borne children(usually more than one kid)
she got a beautiful face but that BOV gotta go.
by hamrhed May 10, 2006
Device that relieves pressure from a turbocharger when throttle is closed. Designed in 1960 for factory turbocharged vehicles. Blow Off Valve
Most turbo charger engines require a BOV to elimate compressor surge
by NICK DIBLASI / STEALTH-WRX January 02, 2005
stands for 'blow off valve'
used to release pressure in the intercooler piping of turbocharged cars, so that the pressure doesnt travel back along the piping causing ur turbo to flutter
whoa!..the noise from your aftermarket bov is so loud!!
by rancegao July 05, 2005
When a chick is so fat that her belly is covering her vaj. B.O.V= belly over vagina.
Lady#1: Holy crap Tenishqua! You're so fat you have B.O.V!
Tenishqua:OH NO YOU DITNT!
Tenoshqua:I ain't got the time! Give a sista a fuckin break dawg.
by underbrush August 06, 2010
1. When a person does not care what is being said
2. When a person is not interested in what action is taking place.
3. When a person is being given attitude and they really don't care.
1. "ye bov about what she said, that shit was whack"
2. Person #1 "Did you hear Tiffany just broke her neck?"
Person #2 "Well Tiffany's a ho, bov about her lil' scrawny neck"
3 Gwyneth: "Omg, did I tell you how emoxcore you look today? It's so gross! Get out my face bitch!"
Anne: "ye bov"
by Jess Williams August 25, 2007
Back of the Valley, a neighborhood in Pacifica, Ca
I live in the BOV.

The BOV is the best place to live!
by T. McE March 27, 2008
when you cant be botherd to do something you have bov. it is rated out of 100, if you reach 100 you are dead (got berf)
oooooh theres my bov!
ahhhhhhh man look at ure fukin bov
by January 30, 2005
To be boring and unimaginitive; to have lost all traces of childlike virtue.
Let's not be bov like our parents; come with me and fight the dragon.
by A. McKewen March 02, 2007

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