while screwing a girl from behind,you put some flowers in her butt.and thats a boutique
last night i gave your mom some roses in the boutique,smelled fuckin awesome
by the boutiquer August 29, 2008
Top Definition
(Bü-'tEk) n, adj.

1. n. A small retail store offering specialized goods and services. Etymology, French word for shop
2. n. In musical instruments, a specialized brand of very high end, usually handmade items made in small numbers. Generally a term applied to brands like… Guitar amps like Matchless, Diezel, Trainwreck, Wizard, etc. Basses like Status Buzzard, Ken Smith, Tobias, etc. Guitars like Pensa, Manson, Rick Turner, Alembic, etc.

Odds are, many albums you listen to are recorded on brands you've never heard of, except maybe Yamaha, Sony, JBL, and Panasonic.
1. Lets check out that little boutique in the mall.
2. I love vintage amps, but Boutique are a close second.
by Contraceptive SpongeBob November 29, 2005
An adjective for someone or something that is stylish or good looking
Damn! That Mozyka tee is so boutique.

That dime you were with last night was all kinds of boutique
by Bshizz60 August 25, 2010

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