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about, (from an abbreviation of about)
If I knew 'bout that, I'd have told everyone.
by The Return of Light Joker October 17, 2010
3 15
a fight
Spike and Rampage are havin a bout; they are fighting
by Peanut August 09, 2003
52 64
Usually used in a Derogatory nature what ever word follows now means the opposite of what it meant before. Can also be pronounced “about”
Your “bout smart” = You’re an idiot
Yeah that was “bout smart” = that was a stupid thing to do.
He's "bout ugly" = he's good looking
by Tattooed Frog May 23, 2006
32 47
garbage or poor quality weed
that green was bout.
by Sum'n Like A Pimp July 11, 2006
11 48
Usually said when pointing to a can of soda as you walk to your lunch table.
A A A! Bout?
by Nathan March 19, 2004
4 62