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a pretentious bottle, frequently accompanied with or by an ostentaious label, of many dollar water; generally sourced at some exotic location, likely packaged in a hermetically sealed facility and often rumored to possess healing properties and/or subtle floral nuances.
Kawika: "Nykolas, fellow; gather yourself and collect for me 12 bottles of the finest bourgeoister at The Woodlands Market."

Nykolas: "Dearest Kawika, please express unto me the selection most suited to compliment your exquisite palette this morning."

Kawika: "Yes, well then, as it is; six of the Voss, four the San Faustino, three the Gerolsteiner, and another of that most recent presentation, you know, the stuff collected once anually at the base of the Fowashabash tree near the Kigali region in central Rwanda."

Nykolas: "Very well then! I shall commence to dispatch myself immediately!"
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