A person who is very dramatic and try's to get laid often. His events often fail in the game GunZ The Duel and he tends to be a flaming homo sexual .
User: Ha, remember that fail event?
User 1: hahaha, yeah the one with Bouke. "I'm Sorry guys. Couldn't keep my dick up."
by asdasdd July 11, 2009
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fuck... sex.. no love in sex..
yo.. i wanna bouke that girl..
by Anonymous February 05, 2003
Person that is known for his farming skills. Mostly known as a real redneck person and someone who doesn't see the dangerous in most of his actions. Hard worker, tries to do his best, but can be dangerous when he gets wild.
Well, that was a Boukeriaans party last night.
by Dubble B February 06, 2013

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