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Cajun term for a party distinguished by consumption of mass quantities of food, beer, soft drinks and hard liquor (as opposed to "soft liquor" like Southern Comfort which the women will drink in their part of the boucherie). The behavior at boucheries is generally inebriate but friendly, because the cars parked outside boucheries are generally full of guns, which tend to make most civilized people really polite. Music ranges from traditional Cajun accordion and vocals to zydeco, to more popular country and rock music. Generally, the succinct description of a boucherie after the fact is "A good time was had by all."
"Goin' have us a boucherie this Sunday, burn a sucklin' pig over a slow fire, boil us some crabs and crawfish, tap a keg, basically get all retarded... you comin?"
by Cajun Scientist March 05, 2013