A pimp DADDY's (like Mark)most treasured slut
"Yo nigga, isn't Delilah PIMP DADDY MARK'S bottom bitch?"
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
The one that big pimp playa style daddy can count on to be right there even when he's at the bottom.
I don't trip off the rest of them tricks, but Asa, that's my bottom bitch. I know she gon' be there!
by homeyluvafriend July 10, 2008
the pimp's best prostitute that rakes in the most money for him
My bottom bitch is in high demand!
by alypd November 06, 2006
Bottom Bitch is your main bitch. your main ho.
Nigradaddy's Bottom Bitch is his best money makar.
by Dj 801 March 17, 2010
A girl who is always gonna be there when u become desperate and need a gf. ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT. And you can use her for anything and do anything. Its the bottom of the bitch pyramid for a guy. and your the pimp at the top.
sammi sharpe is my bottom bitch.
by mr.persianprince February 03, 2011
is a bitch know matter what you do or who you fuck wit she still down for you.
Tyrone jus got caught cheating with his baby momma Alaze but Meka still paid his car note.Cuase she his BOTTOM BITCH.
by lite brite September 26, 2008
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