A true thug's car.
Did you see Twan's new Bottom Bitch? It's riding on 22's, and it's switches make the ass drop!
by shoey205 February 08, 2010
A female parasite at a large company that has the physical characteristics of a troll, and a horrible personality. Common attributes are poor hygiene, hockey mullet, excellent hearing, loud, mood swings like a thirteen year old, and a laugh that sounds like a large dying animal. Bottom Bitches are commonly mistaken for Extreme Bull Lesbians except they're straight.

A Bottom bitchs find weak male hosts to latch onto in the work place usually a superior lacking the ability to terminate them, but enough influence to keep them around much to distaste of everyone else.

Bottom Bitches are always in everyones business listening with their large elephant ears for peoples weekend plans with the intent of crashing them "on accident" of course.
Shit bottom bitch is back from the hospital...Fuck it was so nice when everybody thought she was dying and didn't visit. Now we are all going to have to hear about it for the next 2 months even though none of us will ask.
by TellingItLikeItIsMan December 04, 2010
The weakest person who gets picked on the most by everyone in the group.
Sean: Hector, you're a bottom bitch!
Hector: No, I'm a top bitch!
Sean: If you fan boy Latif, you're a bottom bitch!
Hector: True, you're right I'm a bottom bitch
by Dezurk August 22, 2013
A gay person who perfers to be on the bottom during sexual intercourse between two men.
"That foo Ray, He a bottom bitch. Yeaaaah."
by Legacy Crew October 11, 2008
When a pimp has women serving him atop a set of stairs, platform or pyramid-like structure, the women at the bottom may be referred to as his "bottom bitches". Typically less attractive than "top bitches".
"These bitches up here are Sheila and Rhonda, right there are Cristina and Wanda, and down there - just some fucking bottom bitches."

"Oh her name? Don't worry about it, she's just a bottom bitch."

"Hey bottom bitch, get me some cool aid."
by AshleeBerk November 14, 2011
A man or woman can utilize a Bottom Bitch. This Bottom Bitch, is a female that is considered the lowest on scale of 1 to 10 when compared to the pool of females that a Man or Woman could utilize in their sex life. Typically, a Bottom Bitch will be down for a very sexual encounter at a moments notice.
"Yo man, you got anything going on tonight?"

-Typical College Kid

"Nah bro, its Monday, I had a long weekend and I didn't have any chance to get with those Extremely Attractive and Cool girls I've had my eye on dating. I'm just hanging with my Bottom Bitch"
-Other Typical College Kid

"Word Man, Well Lets get get heavily intoxicated, Hit The Bar, cruise for beautiful women and see if we cant change your luck from the weekend"
-First College Kid

"Hahah. Yea bro, I'm down. I got my Bottom Bitch on point. She'l be over at 3 A. M. Just in case I can find a beautiful girl at the bar tonight, ill still be able to get with my Bottom Bitch, No Doubt."
by WeezyK6 February 10, 2010
A woman who is down for anything. She is extremely loyal to her mate. She is not scared to defend her man even if it puts her life in danger.

James was caught with 10 bricks and Tasha took the charge. Thats why I love my bottom bitch.
by J.R.2008 October 15, 2008
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