A "shock" web site (similar to tubgirl and goatse) that shows the image of a bare-naked man who has shoved what looks to be about an 16oz glass bottle up his anis. It also displays his sagging "twins" and shriveled "little buddy." (bottleguy.com)
Bottle guy has a huge f*cking asshole!
by Chelsea Rini December 02, 2005
Top Definition
An exclusive picture of a man with a two litre glass bottle shoved up his ass. Comparable to lemonparty.
Guy 1 - Man, have you seen bottleguy?
Guy 2 - No man, send me the link.
Guy 2 - Fuckin nasty!
by Gregger April 12, 2006
The internet shock image which involves a naked man who appears to have shoved a huge 16 OZ glass bottle nearly all the way into his anus (a bit like 1 man 1 jar apart from the glass doesnt break) with just the top of the bottle showing.

His anus has fully stretched but his balls are also dangling all the way down his legs and his dick looks like tis only 2 inches long. If you look carefully you will also notice that he is fully naked outside in a garden facing a pond.
haven't seen the image yet? go to www.bottleguy.com and see the picture of the bottle guy
by Prostate Exam August 15, 2014
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