To put saran wrap over one's mouth and shit on it to release a "steamy" scent into the indiviual's mouth.
We an excess of saran wrap in our house, so we pulled a boston steamer on jonny's drunk ass.
by Elliot November 09, 2003
Top Definition
The act of taking a shit on someones chest before during or after sex (can be used as a punishment, break up tactic or fetish act) Very similar to the Cleveland Steamer, but with the Boston Steamer, you also tea bag her with you nut-sack while taking the shit.
Bitch, shut your fuckin mouth, or i'll tape you to the bed and give you a Boston Steamer.
by AT Facials June 11, 2004
The true boston steamer is a sexual act (fetish). It is when one person craps on another person's face and then sits down and rocks back and forth like a steam roller.

Mary finally let me give her the ole' Boston Steamer last night.
by Dan Herald March 15, 2007
The act of ending a relationship by depositing a steaming pile of feces on the back of a sleeping lover after a night of passion followed by a hasty departure.
I left Bertha a Boston Steamer on our fat-filled one night stand.
by Poop November 15, 2003
A Boston Steamer is 70's term named for a certain 1970's celebrity that liked getting his dick sucked while he took a shit. Hence, a blowjob while your shitting is called a Boston steamer.
After the concert the singer went up to the hotel room and had a groupie give him his favorite: a Boston steamer.
by Ehusserl April 29, 2010
to grab someone by the neck and drag them out into the snow outside and the open there mouth and crap in it.
Joey was pissed at his drunken friend Dan who slept with his girlfriend so he took him outside and gave him a Boston Steamer
by William Ethier March 11, 2003
A steaming-hot pile of crap
I got pissed at the baseball umpire, so i left a Boston Steamer on home plate.
by Poling May 13, 2003
Leaving a steamy pile of shit on top of a glass table while somebody is laying under the table face up.
That glass coffee table would be perfect for a steamer, after we do lines of coke.
by alphahooker November 22, 2004
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