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While engaged in anal sex, the male spits on the females back, so she thinks he spent his load. She looks to see if this is the case. He then proceeds to ejaculate in her face.
Tom: Dude what did you do last night?
Steve: Me and Dani were doin' it, and then I gave her the Boston Fakeout.
by Steven T. May 26, 2006
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When a man is having sex with his partner, before coming on her back, he pulls out his penis from the vagina, spits on her back thinking it is semen, she then turns around to look at him and he ejaculates all over her face.
Person 1: Last night I tried the Boston Fake Out....damn.... she was so pissed!!!!
Person 2: Is it the one where you spit on her back and then come on her face?
Person 1: Yes sir...thats the one jajajajaja
Person 2: Good man, good man!
by Naughty Arty July 23, 2006
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